Thursday, March 16, 2006

To Paint A Miniature

Okay, the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine from work about Dungeons and Dragons, and the subject of miniatures came about. I have never been a fan of them, myself, but I was interested in his take on it. Then, he showed me his collection of miniatures, all of which he had paid to have hand painted. I tell you, they were beautiful! So, I decided to get some, and was toying with having someone paint them, but when he told me how much his friends would charge someone else (since they don't know me), I decided that I would save my money.

Then, I thought how cool it would be if I were to paint these know, pick up a few cheap ones and some paint to practice on, and the last two days, I have been doing just that. Then, tonight, I decided to try it on one that I had found two of, which looked like a warrior angel, complete with sword and wings, and I started painting it. Just to give you an idea, it has been at least ten years since I have painted anything that wasn't a wall.

And it came out all right. The only thing I was disappointed with was the eyes, as they look like blue smudges, but the thing is so small, it is virtually impossible to do that right, even with a brush as fine as the one I found.

I would post pictures, but the camera I am using is not focusing nearly well enough on their fine details, and most of them came out blurry. I will have to work on that (or buy a better camera).

Well, that is all for now. Check out Of Liberal Intent, as I have posted another over there, and I am hoping that soon, Fool on the Hill will come around to posting a short article...however, The Fool is rather busy, so it might be until next week.

Anyway, that's all I have. Hopefully, I will have the camera issue resolved by tomorrow.

And, tomorrow, I am introducing a friend to the true delights of Fuddruckers, the home of the World's Greatest Hamburgers!

Damn, am I a geek, or what?

Addendum: Upon looking at it further, without the eyes of just having seen it up close for an hour and a half and noticing all the flaws, I have to say that I feel I did a damn good job, considering that it is my first! Will definatly post more about it soon, especially if I paint another between now and then (I want to...I really want to)


At 4:58 AM, March 17, 2006, Blogger Meanie the baby dragon thinks...

Hi Jeffrey E!
Me fot yo bwog iz vewwee intowweztin! I yike miniochowz cuz in a babee dwagunz iz day not niniochow day ah duh wite siz. Me maw maw paintz butt dee don paint miniochowz dee paintz pictowz.

Jeffrey, u deep cawwin yodelf a geek butt me don no whut dat iz. Wut iz a geek meen?

At 3:09 PM, March 17, 2006, Blogger ms. creek thinks...

hey, let's see them!!!

i love fuddruckers!

happy st. pat's day!

At 11:19 PM, March 17, 2006, Blogger Jeffrey E. Hunter thinks...

Well, I have only painted the one so far, and I realized that I forgot to paint his pouch (it is so tiny, I doubt anyone would notice if I don't, but I will fix this) and the eyes still bug me. Unfortunatly, I will have to repaint his entire face (admittingly, a small face, so I won't even use the paint holder, just dip strait from the bottle), then find some way to make just his eyes blue. Also, I don't know if the pictures will take up the ammount of detail that I would like, but they don't need to. Just so long as it is a clear picture that you can see most of it, and I will put the one that is still unpainted and nearly identical (someone bent the pewter wings back a touch on the one that I did first, that is the only difference) right next to it in the pic.

Meanie, a geek is someone who obsesses about something that could be described a hobby without being unhealthy about it (or only verging on unhealthy, as the case may be), will give people who are not as technical as they information that will go right over their heads and not even realize they are doing it. Usually, a geek is centered around electronics and/or computers.

Geek used to be a derogatory term that set the "cool" people apart from the smart kids who like to play with electronics rather than the other kids, and usually are not as good at interacting with other kids. Now, however, many wear the name proudly as it has been seen as a sign of success, intellegence, money and power, as the average geek will make between 2-5 times the ammount of someone who is in other fields. For instance, my position is at best description entry level. The security guard makes decent money at 9 an hour. I make double that, and work with some people who make triple, or 27 an hour plus.

So, am I ashamed to be a geek? No, I'm not. We are not as unsocial as we used to be, either, and I happened to luck out (if you can call it that) and spend four years doing fast food work and learning to deal with people, or go crazy. I also learned a long time ago that you can try being a little nuts with someone who you don't know and likely will never see again...they often are not put out, sometimes they will laugh, and the one time that you see someone's day go from being rotten to them actually smiling and thanking you, it is all worth it.

So, can I sound like a not-geek? Yes. If you saw my computer and the hutch it sits in, though, and some of the people that I hang out with and what we talk about, then you would not say I am not a geek. I am just not a geek around others who are not geeks. Except my fiancee, but that is because she seems to attract geeks (I tell her she is one, but she won't admit it...closet geek)

That was a lot longer winded than I expected.

At 11:22 PM, March 17, 2006, Blogger Jeffrey E. Hunter thinks...

Don't mind the spelling errors...I am still bad at that, though the more that I work online, the better I get at it (but that is because I hate online slang like brb, afk, thnk u, ty, u r dum, and the other crap that I see many kids hurts my eyes and my brain trying to understand it all.

At 5:26 AM, March 18, 2006, Blogger Meanie the baby dragon thinks...

dankz foe expwanin wut a geek iz tu me cuz i don no much cuz me duzt a babee dwagun an duh wold iz big an twang tu me. Mozt peepow don undowdan me butt me twi tu tawk pwane. Dum peepow wiff no imajinshunz don yike me an won tawk tu me butt kids wuv me an i wuv dem cuz day doe weeow. Maw maw dez me needz tu wun tu day me R's, L's, th, sh, an S doundz butt dat weow dum wiff matuitee. Doe in duh meendime me gwad u tawk tu me an xpwan duff tu me. bi bi foe now Jeffrey!

At 9:06 AM, March 18, 2006, Blogger Jeffrey E. Hunter thinks...

Meanie, sounds like you have a great vocabulary already, you just have trouble pronouncing things. Is it just those sharp teeth in the way?


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