Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rush: Foot In Mouth and Head In Ass

Rush Limbaugh needs to get his stupid head out of his fat ass! What else needs to be said? I mean, I listen to five minutes of his ranting, and I am immediately appalled that he could twist facts so thoroughly, that I feel the urge to vomit.

Take this blurb I heard this morning, for example. In it, he said that the popularity polls are rigged, and he doesn't believe that Bush really only has 36% and Chaney only 18%, but then went on to say that even if that were the case, he has a higher approval rating than CSI Miami, CBS, or many other TV shows.

What the Fuck?! Am I the only one here who sees how fucked up that analogy is? A TV show is rated by the percentage of people estimated to be watching it as opposed to all the people watching all the other TV shows out there. 36% is fantastic for any TV show to ever get to. A president's approval rating is not a popularity contest between him and forty or fifty other contestants. He is on the stand, and the country is saying "Do we like him? Or do we not like him?" 36%, in this case, means that most of the country is not confident in your presidency. Usually, 36% is a good sign that you are a FAILURE!

And if I can see that, how come so many people who listen to him all the time, professing to be intelligent people, let that slide right by while nodding their heads and saying "how right you are!" So, he not only has his head up his ass, he has a rather large collection of people who think they are smart for listening to him up his ass. Sounds rather uncomfortable. Time to wizen up, Rush. Al Franken was dead on. You are a big, fat idiot.


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