Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This Is The Coolest Thing! Seriously!

Well, Winamp told me to upgrade tonight, so I did. While there, a skin they were showing called Anunaki caught my eye, so I thought, what the hell? When I downloaded it and installed it, I thought, no way. This little oval will never work. But, I played around with it for a moment, noticing that the picture looked different than what I got, so I was curious...and found that that was one of four modes! One of the modes was this flattened thing that just looks awesome, and it fits perfectly at the top of my screen! Sure, I will have to get used to it, and sure, I will have to learn where all the buttons are (it's going to be hardest that the equalizer and playlist will no longer be automatically open), but I will get over it, because this is a truly great looking skin. Hell, it even has a clock available! That's great, too, because I have my taskbar auto hide (to give me that quarter inch extra space on screen) and I like to see the time without having to go to it.

This, my friends, is a great skin, and if you use Winamp, I recommend it. Granted, I have only had it for less than ten minutes, but I have a good feeling about it. I think it is so cool, I even made the title of this post a link to it, if you are interested in checking it out. Do it.

(Note: In case you weren't sure, the one on top is the one that I am now using. Also, I figured out that there are lights you can turn on, and you can set them to strobe to the beat of the music! I'm geeking out over here!)


At 6:11 AM, March 09, 2006, Blogger ms. creek thinks...

I have never heard of a Winamp. what the hell is it. where is it displayed???


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