Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cognitive Distortion

I have been going through some of the pictures on Cognitive Distortion lately, and I found something I actually liked better than my old desktop wallpaper. They are far too large to insert as pictures here, so I will just include links.

Here is my old wallpaper, and here is my new one.

As you can see, I like the dichotomy, the darkness and light, appearing in the second as a sort of yin and yang, and in the old one as forgiveness. In that, the old one, I feel it is a way of saying that there is no true black and white, that there is beauty and truth if you are willing to look for it.

Anyway, I have added a link to the site itself on the side bar, and it is also linked on the title of this post. It has some of the most interesting wallpapers that you will find, as well as a slew of different pictures from all over the spectrum, from nature to cars, from landscapes to 3D fractals. Try it out, it is worth the look.


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