Thursday, March 09, 2006

"It Really Whips The Llama's Ass!"

Ellie asked a question in a comment about Winamp. I didn't stop to think that not everyone knows what Winamp is automatically. So, I will give a brief description of it for any who are interested in checking it out who have not yet heard of it.

Winamp, simply put, is probably the best all around free music player for a PC that I have yet tried. I am a fan because it has a great interface that is easy to use, and includes balance, equalizer, playlist, enqueue and lots of other stuff that I have yet to try out. I think it can also pick up "pod casts" which are supposed to be audio blogging. Mostly, though, I have one folder with all of my favorite music, closing in on 40 hours worth, along with each one of my CDs in their own folders, and Winamp is the controller and player of all of it.

With that new skin, it has become all the more wonderful, and a lot more pleasant to play with and look at.

So, all it really does for me is play my music. However, it does it with style. And, that it plays my music is a REALLY big deal to me (I love my music). If you love your music and like to listen to it on your computer, it is a lot less intrusive than Media Player (plus, it really whips the llama's ass).

Well, that is your (semi)random thought for today.

Note: Both this and last post's title bars are links. This one leads you to Winamp's website, and the other leads you to the skin I am using. I recommend reading about it yourself from the site. They will do it more justice than I will.


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