Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Penguin By Any Other Name...

I know it has been too long, and I know I promised some movie reviews. At the very least, I will try to post a couple in a few days, but I promise absolutly nothing (for then I might very well disapoint someone).

I just wanted to say that I am finally sick of Ubuntu (a distrobution, or type, of Linux) and am currently installing Gentoo to give it a once over. So far, I am finding that the live CD environment has not gotten my sound to work, so I may have to fight with that, but other than that, it does not have the irritating lines that Ubuntu had on my computer. To elaborate, there were static-like lines that continued to run through my monitor with Ubuntu...I'm hoping that the latest version, due out in June, will take care of that. However, by then, I will have rebuilt my system and won't have that issue anymore anyway.

I am keeping the latest stable version of Ubuntu on my computer, but I am not likely to use it as more than a test bed to throw stuff at and see if I can make it squeal (the geek version of a sadist, you might say). All in all, Linux is proving itself to me to be a good all around system. Ubuntu is one I would highly recommend to someone who wants to try out Linux and is of low to medium abilities when it comes to computers. Anyone who is anywhere from experianced to godlike with computers, but without the skills for Linux directly, I think I would say stay away for the will just piss you off as it turns off too many of the GUI management features, and I myself am not ready to learn to do everything with the CLI (so, I pick an advanced one, since I will have to anyway...may as well get all the boons at once, right?)

If any of you are looking to read more from me (I wouldn't know why, but then, we are all our own worst critics), I suggest going on over to the Faulking Truth (the link to it is on the sidebar), and go to the message boards. I post more there right now, as I have more time for that. You will find me in Welcome to the Monkey House, then look in the thread Back in the Bedroom (don't ask...I was there and I don't understand it either).

Anyway, for those reading this, I hope you all had a good Easter (yes, I am an athiest...I still like Easter for getting together with family, and the egg hunt is just plain fun), and I hope this weekend will find everyone having fun (take that to mean what you want it to...I'm not going to elaborate on what "fun" means in this context).

So, to (hopefully) give myself the proverbial kick in the ass, I am going to try to get these four movies reviewed in the near future, as part of my next post. Let's see if I can hold to that:

Brokeback Mountain
Failure to Launch
V for Vendetta

I have a few older movies in my list, too, but I am not going to post them right away. We've waited this long, after all.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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