Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In the Age of Chaos....

So, not much has been said here last month (read: NOTHING...I suck)...one could assume that the same has been true in life.  In part, it feels like an extension of the craziness as I learn more and progress towards a fuller understanding of the tech world; and in another part, it feels like I'm running in place.

I guess there is a lot of that in everyone's life, though, so I can't be too critical of where I'm going.

As I am sitting here, I have just about completely dumped my idea of one book at a time, as I am currently tracking three tech books...Head First's PHP & MySQL and their SQL books, as well as Absolute FreeBSD.  I have a FreeBSD virtual server set up at home that will soon be transitioned to a REAL server using the same operating system.  I'm on break from class and setting up Gentoo on my laptop while typing this in Opera running on SimplyMEPIS.  I am in charge of four live servers at work, and am going to be setting up my own personal live server at home.  When I say I feel busy, I feel FUCKING BUSY!

Oh, that brings me to my next topic: I will be moving at least one of my blogs off Blogger, possibly both, and onto my own server with my own domain.  I've not decided many of the details, but I do know I want to build the system more or less from the ground up as a way to solidify what I'm learning about PHP.  So, it will be one part learning experience, five parts labor of love.  The only thing I know for sure is that I plan on having a blog, a forum and an RSS feed, and that the primary blog on the site will be Of Liberal Intent, my other much neglected blog (yes, somehow even more neglected than this one).

I have been toying around with the idea of starting a web comic with a friend of mine, and if I do, I will probably try to talk him into letting me host it on that site.  I will probably also have other people have posting rights, sort of how I've set up O.L.I. at this point.

Anyway, I will try to post more again soon.  Class is about to start back.


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