Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And Now For Something You'll Really Like!

I really seem to be losing my touch lately...I don't even know how to start these things anymore, but I will give it a go, pulling some inspiration from my blog title...Random Thoughts, or as they say in composition, Freewriting.  Well, it can't be too free, since I do have a specific something I want to say in here:

I got a new job, and I start tomorrow morning.  I've been unemployed for a few months now, and stress has been mounting considerably, so this is a very exciting thing.  It is also a very scary thing.  Will I live up to the expectations of my new boss?  Will I be able to do what they need of me?  I sure hope so.

I won't divulge too many details about the new job, since I am still too paranoid that someone will figure out who I really am...not that I'm really that worried about any of this coming back to bite me later, but I would rather not find out that I said the wrong thing somewhere, so...anyway.

Okay, quick note about my reading list: the books I am currently reading will only include two at any one time, one tech book and one non-tech. My tech book was Head First Web Design, but thanks to this new job, I've decided to switch it out for now with Head First PHP and MySQL.

I don't know if I am going to go back to that book for my next tech book, or if I am going to pick Head First SQL for the next. Tough call...both are books I intend to read anyway.

One last thing for the night: I have decided to add a new section to the sidebar for recommended webcomics. The problem I foresee with this, though, is it will make an already too-long sidebar even longer, so I was thinking of trying to convert the template to three column. This, however, presents a similar issue to what I mentioned earlier about color changes...the rounded corners span the length of the boxes. Increasing the size of them to accommodate an additional column will be simple, except I need to find permanent, free and reliable hosting for the new borders.

This change will be the most visible one I have made since my return, and will take some definite work. I aim to make the change in the month of April (any point before the end of April will be good enough to make me happy), but I promise nothing.


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