Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And Then, There Was One

Halfway through my second week at Intel, and I am enjoying it. Don't really know how to do my job properly just yet, but I am shadowing to learn how others do it. Never worked at a help desk before, so this will definitely be something new for me.

Dead broke and will be until my second or third paycheck...I hate when I am between jobs and burn out all my reserves plus some just to get by.

Anyway, I'm very tired...didn't get much sleep last night. My fiancee and I have been having trouble of late, sort of an on again, off again trouble. Sometimes, it is hell, and sometimes, it is wonderful. Then, there have been times of just purgatory, waiting for something to happen. I won't go into details about what is going on, but I will say that I am worried about the future of our relationship.

I will try to post more regularly...I have found out that there is downtime between calls at times, so I will probably have time to make the occasional post from here.

Friday, July 21, 2006

...And There Went Last Month

It is very late here, and I am not planning on staying up any later. I just wanted to post because it has been a very, very long time since I have.

This week, I started a new job as a contractor for Intel, a job that is slated to run most of the way through next year. I am very happy about it. It will pay a little less than my last job, but it will give me medical benefits, and will look very, very good on my resume. So, here's hoping for the best!

Sorry I've been away from here so long...those few who actually come by know that I poke my head in once in a while, just haven't posted anything. I will try to be better about it from now on, but I promise nothing.