Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tech FTW!

...and, I got it figured out the next day, and got everything done that I had promised would be done by that day...even though I had to scramble to make it happen.

Really looking forward to my trip to Vegas coming up...big Star Trek convention going on.  Shakespeare tonight, looking like it will be a good one (but our local "... in the Park" productions usually are).  Working in the yard today...and why do I always wind up having to deal with electricity?!  People seem to think us computer guys can fix anything for some reason.  Maybe I should stop being so good at fixing everything if I want people to keep asking me to do it, huh?

Thinking about setting up an Ubuntu system at work to play with.  Normally not my distro of choice, but the latest seems really good...that and it looks like it is made to be able to join a Microsoft Active Directory network easily.  I can do that on other distros, and I have, but it was a long, drawn out pain in the ass to do.

Anyway, another week goes by.


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