Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Bullshit Manifesto

Okay, as I said, I will tell you about my new job. It’s boring. I get to babysit computers and kissass to the people whose computers are broken.

Just a moment ago, however, I came to a realization: No one gives a shit. Why am I bothering to unload these useless details of my boring life on you? If you want a reality show, there are many with a hell of a lot more drama, and no intellect to get in the way of it being real fuckin' juicy. So, my blog will now go back to its original intent: to rant, rave and bitch about the bullshit that life has to offer. About the stuff that just pisses me off. About the shit that really gets on my nerves. About

Oh, fuck it, you get the point.

So, for those of you expecting me to be polite and nice, fair warning...I will show the shitty side of things a lot more often than before; the nice stuff is just not interesting enough.

And that is my random thought.

P.S., this does not mean that all of this will be a bitch session...I will still have my calmer side leaving posts.

Maybe someday, I will even start posting on a regular basis.


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