Friday, January 20, 2006

Standardized Testing

Okay, I can't not write about this. Unfortunately, one of my room mates is a Rush fan, so I get to hear his station sometimes during the mornings (wee). This morning, I heard a rant about Public Schools (I'm assuming he meant college level) and how the people there had the lowest standardized testing scores, worst teachers/professors, and least credibility. His solution: Get rid of the schools! That is outrageous! What the heck does he think that is going to solve? Even fewer people will have access to higher level schooling than now!

Here's a couple of thoughts that might actually do some good towards actually educating the people in those schools instead of putting them out where they will have little to no options left. First, get rid of standardized testing! They make teachers aim their entire class at learning how to take a lousy test instead of actually teaching them how to learn, what the important knowledge and skills are and how to get them! Then, pay the teachers/professors at these colleges a better wage! Then, people who would make good teachers who cannot now afford to work at their salary might actually be willing to apply, and the schools would be able to weed out to find the good candidates!

(Addendum: This is not to say that there aren't any, and my comment was not aimed at the wonderful few who teach regardless of how little it will pay, just for the pleasure of helping others to learn. We need more teachers like this! We pay our celebrities, our lawyers and our politicians such high wages, but I guarantee that our teachers are far more important, and far less appreciated...that’s why we have so few people willing to let themselves be put through it that are truly worthy. Those noble few, I salute you)

And then, the teachers would be able to teach a real class that did not have to do with knowing a set of pressed and dry facts that mean little to a real world of people and workers and employers. These options, by the way, are also what we should be doing in high and junior high schools. College education is too strict, not accepting enough of fresh ideas, for just these reasons. High school and Junior High are even worse. They are a joke. Indoctrination at best.

I agree with him on one thing: this country's education system is broken and needs a serious overhaul. I just disagree on which way it is broken and how to fix it.

And that was my Random Thought.


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